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Published on June 15, 2004 By Roger Sanchez In Politics
UKIP did well on Sunday pushing the LoserDems into 4th place. I`m mean there used to coming 3rd but 4th that really sucks.
This just shows the crapness of PR. I like the UKIP but orange Kilroy isn`t fit to be a cabinet minister and he almost certainly would be if this result had been repeated at a PR general election. The LoserDems have also had their european project given a kicking as I've been saying all along you can`t create a new state if people don`t want to be part of it. Just look at NI and the Basque region. People like to be governed by themselves.

Conversely everybody seems to be concentrating on how this will affect Labour and the Tories even though the Tories actually won and Labour are still 100% gonna win the next election. However if UKIP put up candidates against the Tories in the next election this could mean Labour would save more seats as the eurosceptic vote would be split.

However there are several reasons I don't care:
1.Unlike the Mail I don`t give the Tories a hope in hell of winning the next election
2. They don't even have a hope in hell of getting a hung parliament
3.A large UKIP vote would mean the next Tory leader would be more Eurosceptic and even advocate pulling out altogether
4. They may stand against people like Ken Clarke who I want out the party and would never vote for.

Labour have been putting this across as a threat to the Tories< well they would wouldn`t they?
But in reality it shows how out of touch they are on the EU when a whole party has been set up to oppose their policy.
(OK: UKIPs been around since 1993)

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