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August 7, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
The Association of Chief Police Officers has now unanimously outlawed its members from joining the Liberal Democrat party and says the will be sacked if they do so. All this because the Liberal Democrat have said they will lower policemans wages and give prisoners the vote. No this isn`t true instead the Association has banned its members from joining the BNP. And who cares? Apparently no one. All this week I`ve heard no one raise so much as a titter that this is wrong apart from the BNP of...
August 7, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Denis MacShane the Europe [EU] Minister was out "making the case for Europe" to the people this week in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. He said that Eurosceptics were giving "overt encouragement" to xenophobia which is apparently damaging Britains interests. He also said that we have a "dark streak of xenophobia and racism in our mentality " and "anti europeanism [saying that the EU may be bad for Britain] allows it to get a lot closer to the surface". He said that he wasn`t opposed t...
August 4, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
For those of you who don`t know theres a huge humanitarian crisis in Sudan right now. I`ll tell you about it but first some background:

Sudan isn`t really one nation its two.

The south is tropical underdevolped and populated by different black ethnic groups. The north is drier, wealthier and populated mainly by Arab muslims (though many of these are of black "race"). However they were lumped together as one country by the Imperial British forces. These two sides started figh...
July 25, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Its very hard to find arguements against regional devolution for the simple reason that its very hard to find reasons for it. It all boils down to one simple idea that devolution is pointless. Therefore its a waste of money and is inefficient. If I thought it was good for the country I wouldn`t give a rats ass about the cost but I don`t. Heres my best shot at finding reasons against it. Alright I pinched most of them of the North East No Campiagns website but I have modified them slightly: ...
July 23, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Mandelsons back. Who would have guessed it? Only about a year ago Bremner Bird and Fortune had Blair saying that it was about time to bring him back again and now he is as a European Commissioner. Considering that this is considered to be about the most corrupt political job there is he should fit right in. One advantage of this is that the tabloids will pay much more attention to what he does therefore exposing the corruptness and downright crapness of the Commision some more.
However he ...
July 23, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Consitutions are meant to define an organisations aims, what it could do and what it should do what it is allowed to do and what it isn`t. In theory this sounds alright. If I was founding say a local animal rights group I might want a constitution that says only Vegans are allowed in for example.
However in the past hundred years they have strayed in to areas that are not appropriate; nation states.

Why should a govt be restricted. Restricting a govt is like restrcting the people as the g...
June 26, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Respect: The Lunacy Coalition (British Branch of the Baathist Party)


Real Name:

Respect: The Unity Coalition (George Galloway

These people really piss me off. Well actually its the fact that people would vote for them. Thankfully they won't last past the next election.

Thankfully they only polled about 1.5% or 1/4 million actual votes in the euro elections. (They came behind the BNP)

Still its worth wondering why people voted for them. My middle class friends paren...
June 22, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
John Swinney the leaders of the regional party the Scottish Nutters Party has resigned. On the face of it this is a good thing as he is such a dickwad. However this is actually rather unfortunate as he was such a crap leader. His leaving now paves the way for someone better to take over. Roseanna Cunningham has been the first to put herself forward for his job:
June 21, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Blair at it again...painting even mild eurosceptics as nationalists and lying to us all over again in the Great European Constitution debate. The reality is that a refferendum won't be for another 18 months at the minimum and the smart money is on it never happening at all.
Lets decipher all his crap and explain exactly why its crap:

"a very big education job to do"
-ie anybody who disagrees with the constitution is retarded

"the most successful way anyone has yet devised of managi...
June 19, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
Sorry I haven`t posted I`ve been away checking out the Scottish parliament for myself.

Which for those of you who havent realised yet is shit.
Thats both the building and the people inside.
First the new building: the bill for it is already about £431 million which I`m reliably informed is ten times over budget. It also looks ridiculous.
Though I`ll let you judge that for yourselves:
This is a typical window:

Yes thats bamboo

The propaganda exhibitinformed me that the desig...
June 16, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
The PMs off to Brussels this week for talks on the EU constitution something which hes unlikely to win in. The French and the Germans have already accused him of Salami tactics that is chopping away at the treaty slice by slice untill theres nothing left. The general view off other countries seems to be that theres no point giving him what he wants because theres no way the British people will approve of it anyway. However there gonna have to give him something or else he won't sign it.

June 15, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
I've always beleived that bias in the media was more in peoples mind than in reality. Wait a minute that sounds stupid. I mean on TV news of course not in the newspapers obviously.
However the belief by many people that the BBC is quite pro europe has been quite beleivable.
They often treat the public as if the eurosceptics are few and far between and that only patriotic nutters want to leave the EU.
However in the last few days I have been proved wrong. Andrew Marr has been talking up...
June 15, 2004 by Roger Sanchez
UKIP did well on Sunday pushing the LoserDems into 4th place. I`m mean there used to coming 3rd but 4th that really sucks.
This just shows the crapness of PR. I like the UKIP but orange Kilroy isn`t fit to be a cabinet minister and he almost certainly would be if this result had been repeated at a PR general election. The LoserDems have also had their european project given a kicking as I've been saying all along you can`t create a new state if people don`t want to be part of it. Just lo...