I'm Roger Sanchez
Respect: The Lunacy Coalition (British Branch of the Baathist Party)


Real Name:

Respect: The Unity Coalition (George Galloway

These people really piss me off. Well actually its the fact that people would vote for them. Thankfully they won't last past the next election.

Thankfully they only polled about 1.5% or 1/4 million actual votes in the euro elections. (They came behind the BNP)

Still its worth wondering why people voted for them. My middle class friends parents did for a start going against their traditional Tory values. Did they not realise that they are socialists?
They even voted for them in the council elections. I mean a protest vote sure, but to want one of those looney lefty tossers on your council?

Sorry anyway the main plank of their platform seems to have been that the war in Iraq was wrong. They were trying to grab dissafected Labour voters.
This wasn`t helped by Kennedy saying that voters should use the poll as a referendum on the war despite the fact that hes basically advising voters to vote Respect as this sends out a clearer message to Tony than voting LoserDem.

Now I don't mind protest votes but the LoserDems could have sufficed and anyway the wars already over and theres nothing you can do about it now.
Besides these people are extremists and clearly living in a dream world like the Hippy Party.

They both say that
war doesn`t bring peace
What a load of CRAP
The best way to bring peace is through war only in a small minority of cases is there another way to bring peace and democracy to bring undemocratic countries than war.

Respect also claim to be pro democracy and go on and on about racism like its the worst thing in the world.
This is George Galloways Party by the way the guy who saluted Saddam Hussein for his intergrity and others good points.
Respect even claim that the anti war protestors were marching against racism and for democracy. No actually they were just against the war. people who are for the war are also often for democracy and against racism unlike George the guy who kissed Saddams arse.

I'm not sure what Respects actual policy towards Iraq is apart from that the war was a Bad Thing. However I imagine they want to make the situation worse by pulling all our troops out straight away and leaving behind a bloodbath just so they can say "I told you so".

Normally when I see vile propaganda and twats talking crap I just get pissed of and want to hit them. However some of Respects images literally sicken me. I wonder if they have the same affect on you?

Why not they'd run this country better than Respect

Look at the little girl in the centre left. She doesn't know what shes doing. Her parents have just brainwashed her and now Respect are using her too. Its horrible that her innocence is being used for something so evil.


Here they treat the chaos in Iraq as a good thing Told you so
Well as long as it hurts Blair and boosts our polling its a good thing that people are dying in Iraq

Heres the reason half the people were against the war what I call "extended selfishness" it harms our countries coffers and we get less money pumped into the welfare state so who cares about how many millions of Iraqis lives have been saved or improved the war is a Bad Thing.

I think I know why these sicken me so much: Innocent peoples live have been saved and Respect want to take us back to the way things were before when people were dying. Like the state Zimbabwe is in now. Also they seem to be enjoying it when Iraqis die. People like Respect may not have stopped the Iraq war but they may have stopped another war for humanitarian reasons whether now or ten or twenty years into the future people will be starving because of what Respect and co. have done and for that they should be proud.

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