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Mandys Back; Tell a Friend
Published on July 23, 2004 By Roger Sanchez In Politics
Mandelsons back. Who would have guessed it? Only about a year ago Bremner Bird and Fortune had Blair saying that it was about time to bring him back again and now he is as a European Commissioner. Considering that this is considered to be about the most corrupt political job there is he should fit right in. One advantage of this is that the tabloids will pay much more attention to what he does therefore exposing the corruptness and downright crapness of the Commision some more.
However he might not even take the job. Basking in his own importance hes leaving the Prime Minister hanging while deciding whether to exchange an unofficial, unaccountable role in Britain of having the PMs ear to an unelected, unnacountable role in Brussels but this time with real direct power. Not only will he arguably have power somewhat equivalent to a minor cabinet minister over here but it`ll be over a larger area and completely unnaccountable. He can pretty much do what he likes I understand.

However the most amazing thing about this saga is that Blair originally wanted to give him another cabinet job. For the third time.
All the other guys talked him out of the bloody stupid idea. One said that Mandy "effortlessly" attracted controversy.
One interesting thing is though is that despite being PM Blair seems to have no friends. Despite having record numbers of MPs he can`t find many to give good jobs to he always just gives them to the old guard. Which is really quite a waste of talent and a shame for our whole governing system that it isn`t based on merit. Ahh well.

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