I'm Roger Sanchez
Published on June 15, 2004 By Roger Sanchez In Politics
I've always beleived that bias in the media was more in peoples mind than in reality. Wait a minute that sounds stupid. I mean on TV news of course not in the newspapers obviously.
However the belief by many people that the BBC is quite pro europe has been quite beleivable.
They often treat the public as if the eurosceptics are few and far between and that only patriotic nutters want to leave the EU.
However in the last few days I have been proved wrong. Andrew Marr has been talking up UKIP even more than is warranted and they have given them plenty of coverage. Part of the reason for this is that events like UKIPs sucess are so few and far between that they nearly make a seasoned political junkie orgasm. However it proves the bias theory wrong. So I've proved my belief that people pervceive bias that often is just in their minds. However this eurosceptic shift by the BBC proves my other belief that independent journalists should be given opinion polls. So when they give their independent summing up their not just guessing at public opinion and dissmissing a large section of the publics opinion.

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