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Scottish Nutter Resigns
Published on June 22, 2004 By Roger Sanchez In Politics
John Swinney the leaders of the regional party the Scottish Nutters Party has resigned. On the face of it this is a good thing as he is such a dickwad. However this is actually rather unfortunate as he was such a crap leader. His leaving now paves the way for someone better to take over. Roseanna Cunningham has been the first to put herself forward for his job:

Well at least she won't win seats just from her beauty alone.

He lost seats in the last Scottish Parliament and did badly in the Euro elections which has lead to his downfall.
The nad showing of the Nutters has largely been down to people realising how crap devolution is; or "dissilusionment". His party wants to go even furthur of course and create an independent Scotland. Despite the fact that this would bring few more "advantages" that devolution already hasn't yet a lot of disadvantages that weren't present in devolution ie. loss of world wide prestige, loss of tax revenue; possible trading barriers with UK.

The most worrying outcome of this could be large gains for the SNP at the next scottish elections. We already expect Labour to lose seats and their coalition partners the LoserDems could do aswell. I was hoping the Tories would overtake the SNP to go into second place but the may not. It does seem likely that the Loser/Lab governing coalition would lose its majority however which could lead to some interesting political intrigue.
Could Labour do a deal with the Tories?
Might their be 3 or more coalition partners?
Might huge conssions be made to the SNP for them to join a coalition like their coveted Scottish Independence refferendum?
Might their be a minority govt?

However I am most hopeful that under the Additional Member System (AMS) the most anti-devolution party will make huge gains scuppering the whole devolution project:
That party being......the Ukip

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